Inmate #538426

Inmate #538426

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             "Stay out of trouble or you'll end up in prison with all those bad people." The same sentence my mother constantly told me until I was grown and on my own. In all honestly, she didn't really care. She just didn't want me to end up dead like my father and was giving me her pity but I ain't need the sorrow she was giving me.                  

            Or so I thought, maybe if I listened and instead of being a hard headed person and robbing a bank at the age of 24 then I wouldn't be in the predicament that I'm in right now.  If I had the common sense that god gave me then I wouldn't be sitting in prison for 5 years but it didn't even go down like that.                  

   I was actually set up and was framed by three females that I labeled as my friends but they was just in it for the money and taking my niceness for granted. That stapled 3 years on my ass and I was framed once again by a crook cop just because I didn't give him the guilty pleasure that he desired. So that put another 2 years on my ass and I don't think I could live another day in this trashy place. Not with this bipolar guy named Sean, you'd think that he's just a normal inmate but on god your ass is completely wrong.                          

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She was just disrespected and y'all saying she's wrong? What type of nonsense
Brazy_Babii Brazy_Babii May 22
I don't think I'm gone be able to not laugh while reading this 😂
Kaya_Kaya_ Kaya_Kaya_ Jun 01
I thought of R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet reading this part😂
O3o -when you bisexual so you got more meat to eat out there-
aintchujayy aintchujayy Apr 08
If I ever went to jail I lowkey would probably smile in my mugshot😂😂
royaljay21 royaljay21 May 06
That's why ion have friends baby. At least none that I'm putting my freedom at risk for.