heartbeat ♡ l.s

heartbeat ♡ l.s

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"you're ripped at every edge but you're a masterpiece."


the one where louis wants harry to see the world, and his own beauty within a span of two weeks. 
"why are you d-doing this?" he whispers against my lips, i wipe his tears with my thumb before kissing him ever so softly 

"to make you feel." 

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KristaLovesJian KristaLovesJian Aug 16, 2017
This was cute. 😊 That's sad that he can't stay, wonder why he's there. 😐 Makes me mad that Niall left because he found out he was blind, such a crappy thing to say and do. 😒 Aww, cute Larry. 😊
Hazzalou723 Hazzalou723 May 19
It wasn’t the blindness. He found out about whatever the real issue is and he didn’t want to get attached to Harry, given that he’s probably going to die.
Well Louis is the literal definition of light, so😏💡🌞
Okay but what I’m tryna figure out is how he thinks blindness is related to the ability of feeling emotions😂😂😂
Trashforlarry Trashforlarry Sep 18, 2017
Does the one with the cheekbones know that the prince is in love with him?
lwtbisexual lwtbisexual Oct 06, 2017
Why do i feel like im going to end up crying at the end of this book?