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Calum Hood believes that he's got everything a guy could ever wish for: popularity, a band with his best friends and pretty girls in his high school swooning over him. He always thinks that whatever Calum wants, Calum gets. 

But of course, nothing stays the same.

It all started when a girl named Kristen bumped and crashed into his life and asked him to pretend as her boyfriend for a month. Calum knew it would be nothing but a stupid deal until that stupid little thing started changing every single thing about what he always believes in. 

He woke up one day realizing three things. One, not everything he believed in is always true. Two, he knew something in his life was missing. And lastly...

He's sure as hell that he's not pretending anymore.


Published: September 2013
Completed: March 2014
Status: Major Editing

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                              jk jk I love when you wake up as early as possible bc then we can talk at midnight.
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Look at my baby, being all sassy and shít!! Mamma's so proud
Can I just say that this is probably my favorite story on wattpad <3
Lol same I can get dressed and have my hair done in 10 minutes but then it takes me the rest of the hour to make breakfast nd pack myself some lunch
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as a freshmen I took chem and physical science then soph in bio, junior ap chem and idk yet for my senior year
7.45 alarm goes off and I get up
                              7.55 finished washing my face and my contacts are in.
                              8.30 makeup is done and clothes are on
                              8.30-8.45 just chilling and probably Snaping
                              8.45 walking to school 
                              9.00 in school early waiting for my friends and classmates to arrive
                              9.15 school starts