[EDITING] Pretending

[EDITING] Pretending

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Calum Hood is having the best time of his life on his last year in high school. He's got everything he needs. He's popular, he's got all the friends, he's in a band and he has a happy family. But nothing stays the same. Kristen Walsh came into his life and started ruining him, in a way that he didn't expect to get addicted with. 

It all started with 6 words.

"Be my boyfriend for a month."

And because of their deal, she got him spinning and falling, until he realized...

He's not pretending anymore.

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Re-reading bc I wanna read fading but I don't remember the whole content THERE WE GO ✌🏻️
 #rereading pretending again cuz this story is absolute life and i love it so much
*when you relate but the only different is you wake up 5 minutes before you gotta leave* (((;
Only now did I realise it was Calum talking. And I remember the first time I read it the same thing happened
Fr. You guys suck. ✌😂
                              Before anyone takes me on i'm joking
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