Dracula's New Zing 2

Dracula's New Zing 2

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aleywrites By aleywrites Updated Sep 06, 2017

Alternating between Dracula's first love life with Martha and his second chance with Beth. 


Dracula was tired of his destructive and uncaring father. The night of his 118th birthday he decided to leave his father with his best friends Frank, Wayne, Murray and Griffin to start a new life in Hawaii. During their vacation there he meets another young vampire, and they Zing. 


Johnny and Mavis leave the hotel to travel across the world on Dennis' sixteenth birthday (who is still growing at the rate a normal human would grow at), and Beth wants to have a child. Dracula is unsure if he wants another child and complications arise between the couple, causing Dracula to reflect on his youth and his first love.

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