Expecting The Unexpected

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harriet By harrietkatee Updated 2 years ago
Was Originally: that boy's the daddy. >> Danielle Beau doesn't believe in love and especially doesn't believe that the schools number one player Max Bowman can get her to fall in love. But after one drunken night at a house party, Danielle ends up doing something that she never thought she would with an outcome that she'd never expect .....
This whole part with her and Zach is copying off of the movie she's the man
@harrietkatee yeah, i would say you've done a pretty accurate job :) what with the whole arguing over stupid stuff like ice cream and teasing each about boy/girl friends xD.....yep. good job!
oh cool i get what you mean :) and my curiosity was caused by the fact that i actually do have a twin brother :P
Does Danielle having a twin have anything to do with you having a twin? just out of curiosity xD
Cute:) The only mistakes a saw were when you say words like "practice" you use an s instead of a c. I like this so far, it kept my attention, and made me hungry for ice cream haha. Keep going, voted!
interesting story! i bet you love the movie She's the Man! Me too. Amanda Bynes is so funny!