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Why? (Nico di Angelo Fanfic)

Why? (Nico di Angelo Fanfic)

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INACTIVE By hannuhhh- Completed

What do you do when you find out the girl you like is the daughter of a Titan and the gods hate her? Nico Di Angelo has no idea, but he's gonna have to find out.

(edit: okay y'all im sorry. let's be real. nico is gay. I wrote this before that was a canon, and so now i really hate this fic lmao. i would like to delete it but people enjoy it so i wont. read this if you want, like i cant stop you. but if you have an actual problem with him being canonically gay, like you can't stand the fact that he's homosexual, u can leave. i don't want any homophobes reading my stories. thanks.)

jamo6788 jamo6788 Mar 11
I would have gone around saying 
                              "You touch me I sue"
I can imagine him freaking out when he figures out such feels exist, he had shut down for so many years he almost forgot
Holochasm Holochasm Apr 18, 2016
I usually dislike 1D and Story of my life became my fav for two months!
GoddessOfTartarus GoddessOfTartarus Mar 11, 2016
Noon, I am asexual and I don't even know why I am reading this but Nico is my favorite character so...
LyraHarper LyraHarper Apr 22, 2016
Then what do you call your loyal fandom, Mister 'Only my friends and enemies are allowed to know my name'!
Gray_Rainbows Gray_Rainbows Jul 27, 2016
I don't like one direction but I heard the beatles and I screamed at AC/DC I started crying