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Why? (Nico di Angelo Fanfic)

Why? (Nico di Angelo Fanfic)

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INACTIVE By hannuhhh- Completed

What do you do when you find out the girl you like is the daughter of a Titan and the gods hate her? Nico Di Angelo has no idea, but he's gonna have to find out.

(edit: okay y'all im sorry. let's be real. nico is gay. I wrote this before that was a canon, and so now i really hate this fic lmao. i would like to delete it but people enjoy it so i wont. read this if you want, like i cant stop you. but if you have an actual problem with him being canonically gay, like you can't stand the fact that he's homosexual, u can leave. i don't want any homophobes reading my stories. thanks.)

I can imagine Percy shouting that and then he begin chased by Nico
That's how i look like except of the eyes, i have dark brown eyes
jamo6788 jamo6788 Mar 11
I would have gone around saying 
                              "You touch me I sue"
I can imagine him freaking out when he figures out such feels exist, he had shut down for so many years he almost forgot
Holochasm Holochasm Apr 18, 2016
I usually dislike 1D and Story of my life became my fav for two months!
bcwtfnot bcwtfnot Mar 11, 2016
Noon, I am asexual and I don't even know why I am reading this but Nico is my favorite character so...