We Turned Out Golden (Nathan Sykes fanfiction)

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Lucy By luce773 Completed
Lucy is the manager of popular UK boyband 'The Wanted'. She attempts to hide her attraction to Nathan Sykes- the youngest, and debatably, most popular band member. Nathan and Lucy become, perhaps, too attached to each other; bad news for the teeny bopper fans, and Nathan's bandmate, Tom Parker, it seems...
this is really good! :) i like it. LOVE THE KICKSTARTS VIDEO HAHA xX
This was the first book i ever read on Wattpad. Please don't stop writing!
ok so i was listening to rocket when i opened this story and as soon as i read they lyrics the song was on on that part im like... WIN!
HOLY FUDGE IT'S A STORY ABOUT NATHAN SYKES! I love you right now, random person.