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Mai🌹 By MaiAlK19 Updated Jul 22, 2019

Kai Bolton is an outcast. With his rugged good looks, stoic demeanour, haunting past and rough record he's the reclaimed bad boy without a doubt. He lives his life in darkness with no purpose, no family and but one friend, Cole Weller. He goes to school most days, hangs out with Cole then goes home, constantly on repeat and counting down the days until graduation. He doesn't think anything will ever change, that is until his life takes an unexpected path.

Suddenly, new people begin to enter Kai's life and he comes to realise that he is not alone.
One of those people is Amelia Parker, a shy mysterious girl at a first glance who is also hiding a painful secret, a secret that Kai is determined to uncover.  

Everything changes as he is set on a journey unlike any other. Friendships blossom, truths are revealed, bonds are formed and maybe something more. The world slowly becomes more colourful, exciting, inviting even.

But as these relationships develop Kai starts to close in on himself, afraid of losing everything he has gained. The solid walls he built up and the bad boy image he created to hide the truth weaken when his courage is put to the test. Will Kai face his fears? Will he ever reach the life he always dreamed of? Or will his life remain the way it is - a startling monochrome?

Cover by @kensaline