My Mafia Bad Boy

My Mafia Bad Boy

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Jen By DefinitelyNot_Jen Updated Oct 23

"Baby, the last time I missed someone was when I aimed a gun at their head and they ducked."

He had a reputation, I was a nobody.

He smirked, I frowned.

He was on the run, I never ran.

He was a sweet talker, I never spoke.

He would never fall in love with someone like me.

'Bad boys' they are well known for treating people terribly yet look good whilst doing it. And that's what Matthew is, besides being a complete and utter douchebag. They break a girls heart and then move on to the next as if it's nothing. They are notorious for their cheating ways and fight almost anybody that's lurking in the hallways of a typical school, in which they dominate with popularity. I am not a bad boy, I know shocker. Maybe, partly the reason I am not is because I am a seventeen year old girl who would much rather stay in bed all day than go out to parties. But sure I can be bad, once I sat on the grass when the sign told me not to. 

Bad boys have nothing on me.

So what is a vulnerable, I mean bad girl, like me to do when the devil himself joins my school and has his eyes set on me? Well not the devil exactly, he has devilish looks...not that he looks like satan...he just is shockingly good looking...this was going somewhere. 

He called me beautiful and scared away all the bullies if anything you are probably wondering why I hate him so much. He seems nice, right? Well, you couldn't be any more wrong. I was a city, full of life but he was the tsunami that destroyed me; I was so held up on the bright lights  I didn't even see the tsunami tear down the city walls.

But he wasn't like the other bad boys. He was a bad boy, no doubt about that but he isn't just a kid who plays around with young girls hearts, he's the son of the most feared mafia family in the world.

"Welcome to the family."

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I love Tangled girl! As Sam Smith would say "I know I'm not the only one" 😂