Kiss Me Again (BoyxBoy) [Slash]

Kiss Me Again (BoyxBoy) [Slash]

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[This book will contain- at numerous times- two GUYS acting upon feelings- which means sexual acts. So, gay sex is present! No likey no readey! Please move on! Thanks]

To prove my point further- here is a future hot scene XD

-I moved my face so I could look into his eyes. Alex gulped and kept looking from my eyes to my lips, and I couldn't help but capture his lips between mine. Our lips moved together, and I started to bite and suck at his bottom lip, but he wasn't letting me in. I groaned and started grinding against him. He wasn't expecting it, and choked out a moan of, "Austin." -

Alex and Austin hate each other... But it wasn't always that way. They used to be best friends; joined at the hip, the Robin and Batman of their isolated little hometown. They were a pair against the world, up until Alex's curiosity got the better of him.

Feeling ashamed and leaving Austin feeling heartbroken and bitter, Alex dropped him as a friend- as much as it hurt him to do so, Alex believed it was for the best. He hid in a shell, pretending to be something he wasn't- completely living a lie- over something he regarded as a mistake.

Austin, in his bitterness, grew to hate Alex for what he did. Losing Alex was one  of the hardest things Austin had to go through- and at such a young age, it made his temper with Alex almost like a ticking time bomb. He insults Alex every chance he gets, winds him up and just as he thinks Alex is out of his life, he gets a rude awakening.

Alex is in all of his classes except for one.

They sit together in every shared lesson.

They wind up with detention together, and Austin has to tutor Alex. 

Avoiding each other just got very difficult for the pair, buried feelings rise to the surface, and their status as enemies starts to crumble like a time-worn building. After so many years of hate and unrequited love, will they finally get their happily ever after?

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xx_japera_xx xx_japera_xx Nov 27, 2017
I like this book but ewwwwwww  I'm imagining Austin wardrobe and I'm barfing
Quirky_Skeleton Quirky_Skeleton Nov 17, 2017
I see all these people dissing Botdf and I’m just like bruh botdf honestly rocks.
Samthamam Samthamam Nov 30, 2017
We get it Austin, you want to taste rainbow.
                              I do too... I do too..
OnyxRaven2128 OnyxRaven2128 Nov 28, 2017
Okay so I didn't read who's point of view it was at first, and then was SO confused when  it said "in love with Austin" and I was like wait, whaaa?  And then I checked the pov  weather
Does he smell and taste like skittles? Is that why you're addicted to skittles?