Special And Rejected  #Wattys2016

Special And Rejected #Wattys2016

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It all happened when i found my mate, see when you find your mate its supposed to be the best moment in your life, because you found your other half. They will always love each other no matter what, they will end up together because It is hard to resist your mate so usually the first week they mate and they have a bunch of pups and live happily ever after..
 But thats not how my life is I was the omega in the pack i got beat when i did not do something right when they were angry they took it out on me. At school i would be called fat slut etc i had to put up with this i thought my mate would take me away from all this torcher  i thought my mate would love me for me.
 I new i was strong i went through there endless torcher i tried to kill my self twice cause of my life but i thought i could not do that to my mate.

I went through rejection what have you done?

I already love this story. its an exciting start but can you please put quotation marks when they are having a conversation. its a bit confusing.
Ariel0979 Ariel0979 Jun 14
Please more updates this book is good keep up the good work.
Truthfully I don't believe you when you say this is your first story that you have written. It is only the first chapter and it is already amazing!
I  LOVE this story if I could I would call my little sister a bitch for disturbing me while reading