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so nonchalant By shortshort0122 Updated Nov 02

People think I'm just another thug ass nigga who don't have shit going for my life, but what they fail to realize that I'm not like every thug ass nigga. I'm Kristian Coy also known as KC the biggest most known Tattoo Artist of Atlanta. I'm 26 years old. I live by myself in a nice condo. I love two important beautiful women in my life. My Best friend Tiara and my Mother. I have grey eyes, I'm 6'6 with dreads, hella tattoos & one deep dimple on my left cheek. I'm not conceited I'm just real confident & Extremely blessed!

Hey babies, I'm Mama Jane Kristian's mother. I own a nail salon. I'm the baddest when it comes to doing nails. I love my son more than I love myself. I'm proud of him and I support him one hundred percent. 

Hey Loves, I'm Tiara or wuteva. I'm a 23 year old Massage Therapist. I'm Dark skin(chocolate skin poppin) I'm 5'2, brown eyes with a button nose. I have really big lips with big boobs to match it and a small waist. I love my Best Friend KC and I support him and I'l...

shegamedup shegamedup Apr 11
Nah best friends get to straight fading on site (Play Fight 😂👊👊👊)
shegamedup shegamedup Apr 10
You tell her, cause I waiting at the door for your fine ass 😂😂😂
That is kinda selfish..  Being his BF she knows how serious he is about his work... That's unprofessional as hell
TammBamm TammBamm Dec 23, 2015
That moment you brown so you don't have to deal with the team darkskin or team light skin drama 😊🌾👋🏾
PnkPrintVicious PnkPrintVicious Aug 15, 2015
I'm light skin but I'm glad that you used a darker girl this time cause all the other books I read are usually light skinned girls. except for like 3 or 4. I honestly don't care about the team light skin team dark skin because we're all black. and believe me black IS beautiful
yeah boy i like it love it when you talk that talk to me yeah .