Alan Walker (ManxMan) ✔

Alan Walker (ManxMan) ✔

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Carrie By -carmin Completed

Alan Walker has been through a lot, has lived his life with pain flowing through his veins and memories he wants to forget so much turning into nightmares. 

Falling for Dominic Reisz and his kids was not an easy choice but sometimes home is a person, sometimes it's with little people. For Alan, falling for Dominic and his kids felt like coming  home.

But how can you runaway from the past, from the pain, if it near you? If it won't let you go?

cover by sublime-
#173 in romance 5/1/18

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Awe babe I'll take care of you and how can you leave your son at home know that he is sick that is just cruel
I don't know why but Tuesday or Wednesday.
                              I think because every Tuesday is Supernatural day because no one dies on Tuesday
                              Or the vine
                              It's Wednesday my dudes
I was wondering what they were taking/shouting about. Guess they were taking about friends.
                              Don't we all do.
c0rnflakes c0rnflakes Jan 15
I mean you'd think that the 14 year old can take care of the 5 year old but whatever is needed for the plot is fine with me
Thursday because I know I'm one step away from the weekend and knowing that when I wake up early Thursday I only have to do it once more before I can sleep till late on saturday and sunday
Enjoyed the prior comment - interesting - never had a vacation with my family! Mom was a single mom with two jobs - but we had fun - decided to cancel Mondays - hehehe as I am semi- retired - think the story will be intriguing ❤️