Jinchuriki of Water (Shikamaru Love Story)

Jinchuriki of Water (Shikamaru Love Story)

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Kaida Morino By KatieNara Updated Jan 31, 2016

Kaida Morino Yoso is my name. Yeah, I've got two clan names but my dad, Ibiki Morino, doesn't know that I exist. I'm a guardian (I have the water dragon Suiro sealed inside me.) and I escaped from a maximum security prison with my brothers... at least...I think we escaped together. We got spit up in an explosion and then I went to Konoha to look for my dad. 
Should I settle down for good or do i risk everyone's lives like the selfish human being I am? I will NOT be an experiment. I will NOT let anyone use my powers for their own benefit without my consent. 

But what happens when Orochimaru, the Akatsuki, and the people from my old land try to kidnap me? And how the h*ll am I supposed to protect Shikamaru by keeping him in the dark with his high IQ? Where are my three older brothers? Is it okay that I don't remember half of my childhood? Some one please help me!

Disclaimer! I do not own Naruto or the idea of "bending" from the Avatar series.

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