Flight of Cendrillon

Flight of Cendrillon

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Rebochan By Rebochan Updated May 17

"Tonight you are a Cinderella, and when the clock strikes twelve, you will become a princess."

It is 1914, and the continent of Uralia is on the brink of war as the aggressive Estmarch Empire prepares a grand ball to honor its prince, Kaito of House Shion.  But that evening a lovely young beauty is sent to spend the evening with him... and take his life at the twelfth bell of midnight.

Miku has known nothing but hardship and pain, sleeping within the cinders to keep warm.  She has been given her first mission as an assassin, a "Cinderella", and she knows both her own fate and that of the prince.  But when Prince Kaito turns out to be quite different from his tyrannical parents, Miku's training slips and she finds herself drawn to his kind heart.  As the final bell tolls, Miku tries to change their fates...

At midnight, the spells ends... and Cendrillon must flee as the fires of revolution consume everything in their path...