The Sky's Not The Limit [Studio C/Mattory] (From The Heart Contest Winner)

The Sky's Not The Limit [Studio C/Mattory] (From The Heart Contest Winner)

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If you love someone, let them go.
Time heals all wounds.

When two years of crushing had finally turned into one fantastic year of dating, it seemed entirely obvious that Matt and Mallory were made for each other. As college winds to a close, they can look at each other and agree that marriage is in the cards.

But when their love of laughter leads to them and several of their friends to found the sketch comedy group Studio C, their dream's rocky start only seems to cause friction between them. Even as success begins to come, there aren't enough hours in the day to have any real relationship--except the one they put on for the cameras.

Seven seasons and over four years later, Studio C is starting to become a household name, but it seems the only shadow of Matt and Mallory's once spectacular relationship is their ship 'Mattory,' little more than a marketing device. Sometimes, they've learned, love just isn't enough.

But it's a pretty darn good start.

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- - Jul 01, 2017
Has anyone seen my heart I think I dropped it somewhere while reading this
xxterrkat xxterrkat May 03, 2017
This is so cool, I'd just started watching studio c last week (and may or may not have watched almost 50 sketches) and then I find this here and I'm basically frigging thrilled x)
sm0000 sm0000 Feb 17, 2017
awesome!!!! :)
                              i'm a proofreading you want my edits?
sm0000 sm0000 Feb 19, 2017
in *bad weather? weather is something that is always around... :) It's like when people say, "she has a temperature."  Hello, you also have a temperature - you're human! Shocker, I know...  (Sorry for the rambling; it's a pet peeve of mine :))
sm0000 sm0000 Feb 21, 2017
...and you've done it again.
                              I didn't think you had that much power to play with my heartstrings so many times!