Half A Heart || H.S

Half A Heart || H.S

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Kalel, moves to England from America after the sudden death of her Dad after fighting cancer. She has to leave her friends,  boyfriend,  the memories and her Dad.   But then she meets the high school bad boy in Cheshire. Will she fall for him like he has? or is she to scared to fall?

WARNING: I wrote this when I was 12 and when my grammar was very poor, since then my grammar has dramatically  improved so read at your own risk. Please do not comment anything about my poor writing.

Cover by @bromieeomie

I fell off my trampoline......I'm not broken but I'm bruised....literally
SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE ME OMG minus the popular part lol im a nerd.
I know what you mean. I went through alot when I found out my bf cheated on me but im still kinda broken but can be fixed.
SlayYourExistence SlayYourExistence Nov 03, 2014
FINALLY, I've been looking for something like this for so long!
weyhey_itslouis weyhey_itslouis Sep 04, 2014
She sounds what everyone would consider popular -_- I hate her
niallxcraics niallxcraics Jul 30, 2014
i keep staring at the cover in the sidebar.. i love it.. haha