My Motorcycle Guardian

My Motorcycle Guardian

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I held down the button, a click came on. I hesitated.
"Hello?" I called, holding my breath.
I nearly peed myself again when a voice  casually replied back a second later. 
"Good morning, you sleep well?" 
Momentarily taken aback, I hesitated. 
"Um...I - I guess. Where am I?"
"Does it bother you?"
"Yes! I bet you would too if you were kidnapped!"

I waited frustratedly for a reply. Finally, the man spoke again, voice cracking with static. 
"Actually, we saved you and brought you here. So technically speaking, we didn't kidnap you."
I scoffed at the nerve of this disembodied voice.
"Take me home!"
The machine clicked off, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it back on.

As soon as I get out of this room...I swear someone's ballsack is going to be shoved down their throat... 

 For my final year of this hell of a high school I expected it to be just like all the rest.
However, Hellmington gets a lot more exciting when it's "attacked" as the people call it, by five motorcyclists with an intent on making my head explode. 
What do they want with me? 
With my town?
And do they have anything to do with 

With dangers brewing on the horizon, I soon won't know who to trust. 
Or my self?

Cover credits by the amazing @wonderland_explorer3 you were wonderful!!!

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