Unknown Number // (BoyxBoy)

Unknown Number // (BoyxBoy)

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In which Remy, the shyest and unluckiest person you'll ever see, finds himself having the balls to slip a note with his number into the backpack of his crush, Devon Carter. 

Not also is Devon Carter the star quaterback of the school, but he is also and obviously one of the most famous boys of their school. 

Remy has had a crush on him ever since he first saw Devon and after years of trying to do something about his situation, he finally manages to find the courage to give Devon his number. 


Will Remy reveal his identity? Because Devon only knows an unknown number, not the face behind it.

And will Devon even text him? 


But seriously. Will he reveal himself??


Ok, i definitely have to make a better description, i suck at those. But just read it, you'll get the picture. 




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