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The Legend Of Zelda: Timeless (Editing)

The Legend Of Zelda: Timeless (Editing)

139K Reads 4.6K Votes 41 Part Story
Miki By FiftyShadesofZelda Completed

Midna's gone, and Link's journey is complete....or is it? With Hyrule castle destroyed from Ganon's attack, the princess is left unprotected, and dark beasts are out for her. The Hero of twilight begins to feel something for Zelda, and is determined to protect her at all costs. The pair set out to defend Hyrule once again. 
He just wants to protect her, and be there for her.
He loves her.

Sherlock221A Sherlock221A Jun 28, 2016
Its really well written but when gannon was destroyed all the monsters where destroyed, too. And in twighlit princess link never loved zelda, he  liked illa. But like I said ot was really well written, so good job😉:-)
Jayfeather_2003_ Jayfeather_2003_ Oct 10, 2016
Oh and Llia isnt the name of the girl itd ilia i thought the same thing when i first started playing the game just wanted to let u know
jadiefangirl jadiefangirl 4 days ago
Heads up it's Ilia, ilia...
                              I feel bad for critisising ;;
I dont really care if its bad or not. I just want to read. ((TRIES TO SPAM FOLLOW BUTTON))
deadlyletty deadlyletty Apr 16, 2016
Finished the first two stories and they are pure awesome!! Keep it up Miki! 
                              Also if you're a fan of American Horror Story, I've started my first book. It's a Tate Langdon Fanfic. I hope it's just as awesome and successful as this series (:
Jayfeather_2003_ Jayfeather_2003_ Oct 10, 2016
Shirlock i like ur profile pic and this is a fanfiction thats why tbeyre lovers i guess u could say thst sounds weird XD