Melting Hearts | ✓

Melting Hearts | ✓

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Buffy Winchester By Chique_Freak Completed

Astrid Valleys is the shyest girl at Velvet Hills High and she doesn't mind. She's a dreamer just like her father and she supposes that's what her mother hates most about her. Astrid's mother is a business woman who is almost never home and spends more time on herself than Astrid. 

 Astrid and five other of the skilled kids in her school attend an Academic English class, specifically for overachieving students. Their teacher, Mr. Wades, has funded for a ski trip the whole class will be attending for a weekend. But when Mr. Wades and the other supervisors are out getting food and a blizzard settles in, Astrid is stuck with a group she'd rather not be with.

If it wasn't for those green eyes..

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Snazzyme Snazzyme Feb 17
For goodness sake, parents can at least remember a child's name bc that was the first thing they gave them.
losingagameoflife losingagameoflife Jun 22, 2017
I would disown and kick my parents out if they forgot my name.
TheQueenSarcasm727 TheQueenSarcasm727 Jul 16, 2017
Chloe Moretz is anything but average besides no one is average
TheQueenSarcasm727 TheQueenSarcasm727 Jul 16, 2017
Im not good at drawing well drawing  outfits and stuff like that but my little sister would for sure win that contest
zoey_dawn zoey_dawn Feb 21, 2017
god if my parents forgot what they'd named me i think i'd cry forever.
lilnaan lilnaan Nov 09, 2016
Hate those mothers who dont even know their own daughter names