Nikki Potter: A Sister's Betrayal

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Nikki is the younger sister of James, the arrogant Gryffindor. Unlike her brother, Nikki was never spoiled by their parents due the fact  James show extreme talent at a young age. When Nikki enters her third year at Hogwarts, and James' fourth. Nikki starts to show feelings for Severus Snape, a Slytherin student in James' year, Severus and James hate each other, thus the rivalry between them, which leads Nikki to hide her feelings from everyone. When  James' bullying towards Severus goes to far, Nikki snaps and tells James to back off, the secret is out,  now Nikki has to deal with the fact despite all her brother's warnings and orders to stay away from him. She cant help but want  to see Severus more and more.
It's funny I'm in slytheren and I think Huffelpuffs pufs are Awsom
HAH!!!!! BURN, POTTAH, BUUUURN!!! (JAMES, NOT NIKKI.) He's so protective!!!
This is great!!! I can tell that this is an important part of the story- when they first meet. I can't believe James!!! "if your not in Gryffindor your not good enough?!" The git!!! I'm in Hufflepuff and I'm perfectly fine thank you very much.
yay love this chapter so happy you updated hope you update again
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I love this<3 i love it i love it i love it (: Write more <3