The Kindness Project

The Kindness Project

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What would happen if everyone was just kind to each other?

Sixteen-year-old Anna Brown asks herself this question every day and finally decides to do something about it - even if that means casually opening a door for someone, or even just offering her seat on the sub-way to someone else. 

Between charity bake drives, the stress of modern day high school, and the infuriating boy next door, join Anna as she strives to make the world a better place, in - The Kindness Project

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Forever_A_Mad_Hatter Forever_A_Mad_Hatter May 30, 2017
I really love this so far. I can tell this is gonna be a great story. I seriously can't wait for was more
Call_me_crazy_bitch Call_me_crazy_bitch Mar 15, 2017
I like the descriptiveness and I wish I could be as nice as the main character. Literally, I can't even find five cents in my wallet.
                              Wait....I don't even have a wallet, lol
OnceUponATime426 OnceUponATime426 Jul 01, 2017
Awwww I wish my siblings loved me like this 😆☺️😋💙💙💙💙💙
shethetigress shethetigress Mar 15, 2017
I love it already! Can't wait to see where this story goes! 💕
WitchesGetStitches WitchesGetStitches May 15, 2017
Hello! I'm a #rr but I went back to just comment and vote on all the chapters because I read this book on a road trip with no wifi. OMG THE FIRST CHAPTER IS AMAZING, EVERYTHINGS SO AMAZING. I LOVED IT, IT WAS LIKE BATHING IN THE FOUNTAIN OF EXTREME HAPPINESS. (end rant) Thank you for writing this.
Hi *waves* I'm a #rr and I just wanted to say that this short story inspired me to be the best me I can be and I've actually gotten way happier. I've noticed a huge change on my outlook on life and its all thanks to this short story.