Why The World Needs Glee

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This is a blog I posted on my website www.darrellpitt.com It's about bravery and recognising bravery when you see it.
@Darrell_Pitt Another one that had me in tears was when karofsky tried to commit suicide.....
                                    I'm dying to watch season 4!
This was billiant and perfect. It speaks the of the simple truths in life that we just ignore because we can. 
                                    Lauren has a great character on and off the  show. The episode u were talking about was one of my favourites!
This is a great essay.  After the Boston bombings I have been thinking that if we just respected the dignity of everyone in our lives we could eliminate so much human suffering.  This is a call for me to make sure I respect people with mental disabilities that I get the fortune to meet.
that was really beautiful, as many have said. It makes me want to change my perspective. Very inspiring, well done !
@Darrell_Pitt --totally. I also found you cool. It shows on how you've made your stories. Btw, I'm reading the Diary of aTeenage Superhero. I love it. Keep making wonderful stories! ♥
@Darrell_Pitt I haven't read much lately. Midterms just ended, so this is the first chance I've had to sit down and breathe! Hahaha. But I will :)