"Tight in that shirt, Tight in those Pants, Tight in Bed - Get into a Tight Spot with TIGHT™" Yes, the wonderdrug promised a hot body, taut ageless skin and muscles in all the right places. But this perfection came at a price.  With the world overrun with gorgeous zombies there is only one hope for survival can Kate find it before they come for her?
I remember reading this a year ago and I forgot to save it to my favorites! I am so glad I came across this wonderful short story! It's one of my all time favorites!
this is a really unique story...its no telling where this is going to go
This is so original I can't even try to predict something from this!
I read this yesterday and I loved it!! I'm going back to vote now since i was so into it I forgot to yeserday!
Randy Orton looks awesome as a Zombie. One of my favorite wrestlers. Sorry got distracted.
Wow..This is freaking unique, I am SO reading on. You have an amazing brain to think of something like this c: