Fairy Tail - The Dark Days [A NaLu FanFiction]

Fairy Tail - The Dark Days [A NaLu FanFiction]

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Melodie By Infinite_Warrior Updated Aug 21, 2015

When a great danger threatens Fiore, certain mages from Fairy Tail are called to go investigate. Unfortunately, Lucy Heartifilia is not one of them. This greatly angers her, and she feels weak and useless. She takes leave from Fairy Tail to become stronger. She wants to show the world she's not weak.   

 ❝I'll be stronger when I return, I promise.❞   

Lucy trains hard, and indeed gets stronger, but she doesn't stop there. When a mysterious man offers her more magic power, she gladly accepts it.     

❝Stop it, Lucy! This magic... this power... it's taking over you!❞    

Upon returning to Fairy Tail, everyone is overjoyed to see Lucy. This feeling slowly dissolves when they notice she is different. There's something wrong with her.    

❝Even if certain doom is what fate has in store for us, you can bend it with your will. Don't believe in destiny. Don't believe in fate. It isn't real. Just believe in me.❞   

Maybe what Lucy did wasn't right. Maybe her greed for power is the cause of her downfall. But in the end, is it really Lucy's fault? Calling her weak, calling her useless wasn't right either!   

❝If this is who I truly am, then can you accept it?❞

Idzav002 Idzav002 Nov 17, 2016
This is awesome how she actually isn't thrown out of the guild... finally I found a book like that... yosh!!!!!!!!
ColorBurst21 ColorBurst21 Aug 11, 2016
Oh lucy shouldnt think she weaks shes strong in her own way i mean u r getting spirits from another world which is awesome but love the story
SketchbookGirl101 SketchbookGirl101 Jul 15, 2016
Aw, upon insepction, it appears you haven't updated this beautifully written book in quite a while!  :( I was so excited too...Well, it was awesome! Maybe when day you'll come back to it?
Rainy_Anne Rainy_Anne Jun 06, 2015
woah! Im such an Idiot! why did I read the comments first!? It makes me imagine something whoaa!  @_@