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Something Great (Larry boyxboy/mpreg) Kitten!Louis

Something Great (Larry boyxboy/mpreg) Kitten!Louis

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SmileBeautiful123 By SmileBeautiful123 Updated Dec 19, 2014

"You have to keep them covered baby." Mum would always tell me when i was younger as she placed the beanie on my head.  "Why?" I would ask. She would smile at me softly and place a hand on my face gently.  "Because, well, you're special. God gave you them to make you that way. But now a days, some people don't treat people the same. They're all judgmental. It's for your protection baby." She would say. I would nod and fix the beanie so it wouldn't fall off.  She would kiss my forehead and send me off to school then.  That was when i was seven. First grade.  Now I'm a senior in high school and i know damn well that it's not because i was 'special'. These stupid things just made me a freak.  Cat ears. Thats what they are. And you want to know what else that makes this even worse?  I go into heat. Once every three months ever since i was sixteen. I would have to skip school until i got over it. It's horrible. I'm a special kind of hybrid that can carry children even though I am a guy.  If you haven't guessed, yeah I'm gay. I get enough abuse at school for it. They don't hit me or, well, at least they haven't yet but they do call me names like fag, homo, gross, oh and my personal favorite 'The homo disease spreader'.  Yeah. Anyways, I'm just lucky if I can make it through this last year of high school.

Yeah but why hasn't anyone tried to take it off yet if he's always wearing it
aphfer aphfer Jun 18, 2015
Two of the things I love most:
                              •Kitten Louis
                              •Pregnant Louis
animu_rylan animu_rylan Nov 13, 2014
Omg, I don't really like One Direction but I read "Cat ears" and I was like, "OMF I HAVE TO READ THIS"
1D_lova_foreva 1D_lova_foreva Oct 24, 2014
I wish I was part of an animal... and if I wanted to hide the ears I could do two thing. 
                              1) wear a beanie and put bobby pins to keep it on
                              2) Turn into Snooki (did I spell that right?) 
                              Either one would work.
lashtonwho lashtonwho Sep 29, 2014
omg ily story ! can u please read one of my fan fics about 1d? it would mean the world to me!! thanks <3
AngieOrlowski AngieOrlowski Dec 07, 2013
I really like this story(kitten hybrids) are my favorite. Looking forward to reading more.