Chapter 1: The Fugly Truth.

'A force marriage; a force relationship will not have a happy ending or a happy ever after.' I always beg my mom, so that I don't need to marry that 'guy'.

Samuel Wilder.

I don't really know him now because we don't talk anymore after we became teenagers. Me, Samuel, Joanna and Joshua were childhood friends because our mothers are best friends since high school. Joanna and Joshua was married 2 years ago. Forced Marriage.

Me and Samuel were also been forced to get married.Force, I hate this word. Can I say this word doesn't exist in my dictionary?!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Summer Harper. My parents owned a big company. My mom have 3 besties, Aunt Sunny (Joanna's mom), Aunt Jennifer (Joshua's mom), last but not least Aunt Alice (Samuel's mom).

We used to be very closed, I regret it because that's the reason why now me and Sam need to marry.

"Mom! I don't wanna marry Samuel! He is not my prince charming, and never will! Please mom. I beg yo...

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- - Aug 18, 2017
They always think that love comes after marriage... sometimes it doesn't tho
nikkimalc nikkimalc Dec 30, 2016
Is english your second language - politely need to do a little more editing
nuttela_99 nuttela_99 Apr 13, 2016
*pours all the water onto the floor* WHAT!!?!? YOU SAID SPILL IT ALL!!!!
proudlyafrican1234 proudlyafrican1234 May 07, 2016
It's supposed to be started😝 just helping you edit some more ;)
clueless121 clueless121 Oct 25, 2016
Which ended happily I like arranged marriage just not forced
HoneyBunny24x HoneyBunny24x Nov 23, 2014
I remember a time when my friend got me sme juice and was like 'Now spill it' cause I was telling her some news. And when she said that I spilled my juice on her carpet 4 fun!✋