Wildfire  [Haylor AU]  //Harry Styles And Taylor Swift//

Wildfire [Haylor AU] //Harry Styles And Taylor Swift//

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Harry Styles. A wonderfully qualified person, with whom you couldn't ask for more. A bachelor, CEO, heir to a big empire and a vast fortune. Being a blue blood with illegal looks, drop-dead gorgeous, women flocked around him and all he has to do is choose. Above all of his qualifications, he also has negative sides of him. Ruthless, stubborn, rude, hot-tempered, he doesn't take no for an answer and most of all, his reputation of being the legendary playboy is very high. He is not the type of person who likes commitment. The words "Love" and "Marriage" never existed in his vocabulary. Fate played with him when the most important person in his life asked him to marry the woman he rejected more than once. But fate also made a sudden twist that will change everything, including his own life.

Allison Gale is the twin sister of Taylor Swift. [Read "Prologue" for detailed character description]

Taylor Swift. Breath-takingly beautiful yet has a simple and innocent personality. Her inner beauty is much more greater than her outer beauty. She fights for what she thinks is right. She was brought up with so much love from her father. She makes a difference with so many lives because of the way she is. She thinks that everything is fine in her life until the time has come for her life to change, when an unexpected person comes back to her life and asks her to be someone she could never be, to live a life that she never thought of experiencing ever in her life. But, she can't run away or even turn back. This is her fate to face from what she is about to take a huge responsibility over someone she is unfamiliar with. Whether she likes it or not, there is no way out for her to escape.

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