Being a Winchester

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Tell me something, do you live in a nice small safe town? Yeah? Thought so, Have you ever wondered what's really there though? No? Thought that too, be careful with your about to read. this information is...delicate. It's not easy being me, actually, if I were to be more Acurate, It's not easy....Being a Winchester
Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times.
                                    If only one remembers, to turn on the light.
@zorlia That's really cool. I love it when writers use names that aren't so common. :)
I love the name you picked for your character. :) It's really beautiful.
@zorlia i think there's such thing as a ford charger 2 tho. I dunno. I've never heard of it
There is a story nearly word for word the same as yours. Just wondering if you know they copied?