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The Mate Made For Me

The Mate Made For Me

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Ladyjackson6714 By ladyj8002 Completed


that one word echoed through the cafeteria like an avalanche causing all the windows and doors to shake on there hinges. As he stalked toward my table in the middle of the room with a look in his eyes of pure murder my heart heart started to beat wildly in my chest, and my hands started to sweat I could feel my wolf clawing at me to get out the closer that he came to me. now standing in front of the table I can see the rise and fall of his chest and the inky black color of his piercing eyes letting everyone know exactly how close his wolf is to the surface.Conner smirks next to me  as he pulls me closer into his side "I don't see your name on her so the way I see it this little sweet thing here is free game" before I could comprehend what was happening I was snatched from Conners arms into another pair of arms that had my body humming with need looking up I lock eyes with the guy now holding me seeing the eyes from the bonfire a few weeks ago I hear my wolf whisper to me "Mate " omg I knew I wasn't crazy I felt it that night and I'm feeling it now  "MINE" he says nuzzling his face in my hair and trailing kisses along my collar bone then I felt it the pain first then followed by the most erotic of pleasures I couldn't help but to moan at the sensation then it was gone and I heard my self whimper at the lost of contact just as I got picked up bridal style and walked out the cafeteria I felt myself getting sleepier each step he took "sleep my love" he whispers right before my eyes lose the battle and drop close.

blackbathbomb blackbathbomb Jul 13, 2016
Man what college are they at cause I need to apply in 4 years
AbellaAuthor AbellaAuthor Jun 17, 2016
Sorry but, how is she a vixen? She wasn't trying to seduce you or anything 😅
- - Apr 05, 2016
Haha he naked kissing a girl he doesn't know and she doesn't notice wow 😂😂
badxgirlxb badxgirlxb Jun 22, 2016
By our first time do you mean you're a virgin as well or do you mean your first time having sex with her and not another girl. Like did you save yourself or not is what I'm asking?
CaliGurl88 CaliGurl88 Feb 01, 2016
Ok we need some serious upper case words and proper grammar cuzz dayuymmmm it's like one giant sentence that's hard to read
-santaklaus -santaklaus Mar 07, 2016
an hour? thats it? whenever i go to a party I stay for at least 2 and a half hours