Sea of Dreams

Sea of Dreams

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The Sun, the Moon and a galaxy not that far away. 

All Scarlet wanted to do was prove to herself and to her grumpy and negative friend, Thorn, that her dream world was real. And that daydreaming wasn't stupid. So, she crossed the Sea of Dreams: enchanted rainbow colored clouds that seemed to flow forever, and the bridge to a place she has only seen in her dreams. What Scarlet didn't know, was that by crossing the Sea of Dreams, she would get involved in a battle formed from revenge. A battle where lost children would be found, and wanted dead. A battle where she would make friends, and enemies that wanted nothing more than to avenge their wife's death. A battle that would turn into a war and rage all throughout the Planetaria Realm. The battle where secrets would rise to the surface, and the truth would be painful. 

With some sarcasm, the occasional werewolves, flirty friends, and revenge-seeking Masters, Scarlet will realize that you shouldn't judge someone by how they look, especially if it's just an illusion, and that love can destroy a kingdom. Or two. Or three.

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VoidBanks VoidBanks Aug 14
Good first chapter. Im interested. If you like poetry i would love to hear your feedback if its not asking too much. Thank you
@VoidBanks  Thank you so much for reading my story and for voting! 😊I hope you'll keep on reading. I do enjoy poetry. I read your works and they were beautiful.