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The Lost Prince {Shadow Land Saga Bk1} completed/revising ✔

The Lost Prince {Shadow Land Saga Bk1} completed/revising ✔

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Stephanie Anne By _trapt Completed

Eliza Kindall has gone through many things - the death of her parents, being ripped from her world, and has suffered through the transition of magic to 'normal' every day. But when she's dragged back to the world she believed locked her out, she realises how wrong she's been. The King of Cadira requests her help in locating his son - at any cost. Her reward? Becoming the Queen of an ancient kingdom.

But an old enemy is ready to rise, gathering his demonic army in hopes of taking over the world Eliza yearns to know. With his powerful forces, Eliza is up against more than finding her Prince - she has to fight the evil magic that's spreading over the land.

With the help of a knight, Eliza's off for the journey of a lifetime, discovering more about herself and the world she was born in than she ever realised.


[started - 12 / 08 / 2014]
[finished - 2 / 01 / 2016]

[Current Cover by: @lokiofasgard_]

Oh wow!! This is a really well-written, well formed piece of work! It really pulls me in and gets me intrigued about the future ahead for Eliza. I can't wait to read on!! A great start.
PhoenixAugmentium PhoenixAugmentium 6 days ago
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lokiofasgard_ lokiofasgard_ Sep 28, 2016
I think you could say "no human chemicals" instead of describing what "human made" is ^-^
lokiofasgard_ lokiofasgard_ Sep 28, 2016
Maybe you could switch up the words here and show us that the man isn't there, rather than tell?
HanifMuhammad HanifMuhammad Dec 04, 2016
Instead of saying that you could say "Nothing Earthly." Or only an "Otherworldly" material could kill them.
The_Wabbit The_Wabbit Dec 08, 2016
If I had a paper about Abraham Lincoln I'm going to you gramps