Fairy Tail's Angel Slayer 2

Fairy Tail's Angel Slayer 2

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✰Wolf Angel❦ By W0lfAng3l Updated Aug 25, 2018

Part 2 of Fairy Tail's Angel Slayer (I recommend reading the first one before hand) 

So you've finished the Grand Magic Games and defeated all those dragons.... but an even greater threat appears. When your past comes back to haunt you where can you run? With Natsu leaving for a year at the time you need him the most. 

An even greater threat, Zeref himself. He is out to get you along with many other demons. They want to harvest your power, it's rare and more powerful than ever. 

Another question: Who killed Igneel? 

Let's see how Y/n copes. 

Contains: Spoilers 

I don't own Fairy Tail :)