Me Against You (emotional)

Me Against You (emotional)

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Jasmyn ✨ By iiJasmynnFleurii Updated Feb 13, 2017

You said I walked like jelly,
We laughed and watched more telly.

You said you'll stop drinking and become sober,
Yet here you are with another hangover.

Yeah, I missed you I gotta admit.
But we have to move on so you gotta permit.

You never felt guilty,
Even though what you did was so filthy.

You said you loved me,
But now you're with her, really?

I'm glad mum saw that,
I couldn't stand you and I still can't.

Now go off with her and never come back.
You never called.
You left us. 

Your family.
Your only family.

This was hard putting it out for all to see.
It's for my dad. This is really emotional so don't comment or pm me shit that'll make me bawl out my eyes since they're already red and I think it'll stay like that for months.

~from a hurt Hammy

This book will only be ten chapters since I only wrote ten poems that really express what I feel.

So enjoy. If you loved it, then vote and comment if I deserve it.

I will give dedications to those who ask.