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Wrath → Jared Cameron | ✓

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❝The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.❞

Cassandra Cullen is one of Carlisle Cullen's adoptive daughter in human eyes. In reality, she is another person Carlisle managed to save. She is almost 136 years old but she looks like a seventeen year old.

One of her brothers, fell in love with a mortal and from that point on, the family was always in danger. James - a hunter - was after Bella but they managed to destroy him. After that, they left town for a couple of months but returned when Bella and Edward realised they couldn't be apart.

Now, James' mate - Victoria - wants revenge and to kill Bella. But the family made a promise to protect her at all costs. Even if it meant, siding up with the vampire's most hutred enemy - the werewolves.

Cassandra has another difficult task in hand though. Love. she can't fall in love with anyone until she forgives the past.

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