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Bestfriends (Frerard)

Bestfriends (Frerard)

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Gerard is a single parent now, finally matching paces with his best friend, Frank, who is also a single parent. Lindsey and Gerard aren't worse off than Jamia and Frank, and maybe Gerard's thankful for that. He's also thankful for Frank, who's always there for him.

*I don't own anything except the plot and my own made up characters* Yayuh
[some trigger warnings]

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Everyone's saying Tyler, and now I'm just imagining Tyler's head on a child's body. I'm-
                              so there's a revenge gerard HOLYSHIT i love revenge era so much
noitsironic noitsironic May 03
^lets not discuss the fact that I literally spelled her name wrong when it was right there and I was talking about being a fan of her
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-littlegee -littlegee Jun 11
i love their children in this fic. i know it's not bandit and miles but they're so cute and caring (':
                              that's one of the reasons i'm reading this again