Falling For You | myg

Falling For You | myg

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Yoongi's DNA By the03liner Completed

"I don't anyone else to see you other than me. You're mine."

Yoongi's word kept me awake. I couldn't understand him.

"You're mine." 
What did he meant by those words. I didn't know, I really didn't..

Started: 170223
Finished: 170420

A/N: Hey, guys. It's the author. It's my first fanfiq, so please don't be hard on me. And please excuse all the spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Edit 170917: Warning! Fetus writing. I was going through my koreaboo phase back then. I tried to edit the cringy romanized koreans but do forgive if you still see some. also the storyline jumps from 0 to 100 in one blink. This book isn't even one year old yet, but it already gives me cringes...

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sKrystal sKrystal Nov 26, 2017
How you're not a fan?! Your bestie is in the group and you don't support him? What a friend you are😒😒
666yasmin 666yasmin Jun 05, 2017
Im just gonna put the girl's name as mine "y/n" ...okay?....okay.
I would've taken my heels off and thrown it at that mofos head
myshatae myshatae Mar 23, 2017
Well that was quick. 
                              Girl don't make out with my hyung while you are drunk 😭
myshatae myshatae Mar 23, 2017
She is a lot taller than yoongi though 😂 what a cute couple
sKrystal sKrystal Oct 08, 2017
It looks like she is using Jiminie right? She said she has a credit card at her hotel room😒😒