Falling For You | myg

Falling For You | myg

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Yoongi's DNA By the03liner Completed

"I don't anyone else to see you other than me. You're mine."

Yoongi's word kept me awake. I couldn't understand him.

"You're mine." 
What did he meant by those words. I didn't know, I really didn't.

Started: 170223
Finished: 170420

A/N: Hey, guys. It's the author. It's my first fanfiq, so please don't be hard on me. And please excuse all the spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Edit 170917: Warning! Fetus writing. This book isn't even one year old yet, but it already gives me cringes...

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RamizeAjeti RamizeAjeti Nov 26
How you're not a fan?! Your bestie is in the group and you don't support him? What a friend you are😒😒
666yasmin 666yasmin Jun 05
Im just gonna put the girl's name as mine "y/n" ...okay?....okay.
myshatae myshatae Mar 23
Well that was quick. 
                              Girl don't make out with my hyung while you are drunk 😭
myshatae myshatae Mar 23
She is a lot taller than yoongi though 😂 what a cute couple
RamizeAjeti RamizeAjeti Oct 08
It looks like she is using Jiminie right? She said she has a credit card at her hotel room😒😒