The Roommate (boyxboy) -DISCONTINUED-

The Roommate (boyxboy) -DISCONTINUED-

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Everybody has secrets, some worse than others. Some keep quiet about someone they like; others keep in a secret that could put them in jail. Either way a secret is a secret and when someone has one another tries to fish it out.

James is a college dropout; he lives with his two good friends Dean and Rodney along with his annoying friend Elliot. He works at a small café, goes to parties and has girls melting at his finger tips like every other hot guy. But he has a secret. James has had a rough life, he’s lived on the streets, been beaten, abused, neglected, addicted, anything you could imagine this boy has done before the age of 24. And yet he keeps going. He may not be the best positive thinker but he will not back down. So when he finds out something about one of his friends he accepts the challenge even if he doesn’t want to just yet. 

Elliot is in his second year of college being 22, meaning he’s on his second year of living with his three friends in a tiny apartment. He may seem normal but he’s far from it. He’s often called childish, annoying, unpredictable and bi-polar. Among other things he’s bisexual and has a secret that he’s not willing to let out just yet. Let’s just say it’s not what you’d expect.

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Not that bad. Mildly interested. (I know this stroy is discontinued, I just had to comment.)
jianis4life jianis4life Jun 06, 2017
Okey give mama bear this bitches address and he'll be gone forever​
WeKnowNoBoundaries WeKnowNoBoundaries Apr 25, 2016
Omg Elliot is my clone. I'll be his cheerleader! Start the music~ ♥♥♥
Anti_dote Anti_dote Jun 02, 2016
HE'S DISGUSTING HOW COULD HE DO THAT TO A SEVEN YEARS OLD KID EVEN WORSE HIS CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠. I'm guessing that's how he turn gay...
StephbiersackXD StephbiersackXD Jul 29, 2014
(Low sobs) this is just to much for me.....I've never read something this sad,and fuc #%ed up
StephbiersackXD StephbiersackXD Jul 29, 2014
It sounds freaking amazing (quickly high fives author) you're awesome :)