The 2017 Literary Awards

The 2017 Literary Awards

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The Literary Awards By TheLiteraryAwards Updated Aug 04


Hello Wattpad Community!

Have you always dreamed of seeing your name in the spotlight among other celebrated authors? Enter our annual writing awards-The Literary Awards-and you just might!

Whether you've got a passion for personal essays, fanfiction, poetry, short stories, graphic novels, or any other genre, we want to hear from you! Don't miss your chance and enter The Literary Awards!

Entry/Nomination is easy as pie to submit your story or someone else's story - just tag it #TheLiteraryAwards Also, we will put up a nominations chapter in our book, The 2017 Literary Awards when nominations are open for all of you to nominate your favorite books on Wattpad!

Please go see The Literary Awards story for more information! Or just contact one of the team members if you have any questions, Bella @LittleSparrow35 and Archi @Se1enaGomez

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Im really sorry if this is happening to all of you guys...😔
                              Btw, you guys are doing a great job! God Bless!😙
YthJmnz YthJmnz Jun 27
Ganyan magpaliwanag ung English teacher ko malinaw kc Filipino.. Banyaga pala sila 😂 😁😁😂😂
Omg I'm so sorry it's just an author told me to vote on her book and I winged to be nice so voted I'm so sorry
kemorgan65 kemorgan65 Oct 03
Most contest books have the word 'CLOSED' added to the title so it's clear from get-go as soon as readers see the book... So that's a suggestion for you.
Aliyagaming Aliyagaming Jun 27
OH MY GOSH, YES! People keep telling me to nominate them, and I keep telling them that the nominations are closed. They probably didn't listen to me if you had this many people STILL nominating.
Why don't you unpublish that chapter. That will at least prevent people nominating again and again.