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[Dropped] Too Smart For My Own Good (Shikamaru Love Story)

[Dropped] Too Smart For My Own Good (Shikamaru Love Story)

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xXMakeMeOrBreakMeXx By xXMakeMeOrBreakMeXx Updated Mar 26, 2013

Naomi. No one knows her last name. No one cares enough to ask. She's your average outcast in the village, only she's a genius. As smart as Shikamaru but as worthless and untalented as Naruto, she strives to be noticed. So when Shika finally does and her life takes a turn for the worst, can she return to the man she loves? Or will Orochimaru kill her in the effort?

Hey, I'm a girl. And I do soccer, football, and volleyball!!
LavaGirl_1 LavaGirl_1 Oct 01, 2016
Not gonna lit the ending to this chapter brought tears to my eyes
fuckyeallllll fuckyeallllll Jan 11, 2016
The describes me in so many ways. I hate being inferior. I don't like egotistical jerks. And my name is Naomi. Its so odd reading this story. I feel like the author is telling a story about my life. Thats creepy and cool at the same time.
flabbergasted16 flabbergasted16 Apr 03, 2014
I want to bash somebodies face in after reading this chapter. If you read a story   in the news about a girl bashing a person's face in with a computer rambling about stupid anime characters.... that would be me..... <.<   >.>
NinjaFromYesterday NinjaFromYesterday May 30, 2013
I was like:
                              Cool, this looks interesting.
                              *Gets to Pineapplehair this Pineapplehair that* (I can't spell his name) 
                              Awwwwwww! *Tears up* that's so sad!
                              You made me teary in about a page. Well done!!!!!!
                              (I really did tear up)
NamelessTea NamelessTea Feb 15, 2013
Wow o.O I really like the start. It's different from most Naruto fanfics :D