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We Must Be Killers (Teen Wolf)

We Must Be Killers (Teen Wolf)

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Sydney By Calla_Lily_8970 Completed

I don't want her crown. I've come to burn her kingdom down.
                                                                 -Katerina London
Once upon a time there was this girl. Innocent. Kind-hearted. Naïve. But life sparred her and made her lose herself. 
I was never born this way. I wasn't born bad like most people thought. I was happy. I didn't do anything wrong to deserve this fate. When life pushed me down I showed how strong I was and got back up. I was always a fighter. 
So when I lost everything I wasn't going to sit there like a weak girl. I may hate what I've become but it takes a monster to destroy a monster. 
 So here I am, In Beacon Hills.... Declaring Vendetta against the almighty Alpha Pack and I'm determined to win because when you cross an alpha, they bite back.    

-Based on Season 3 of Teen Wolf- P.S. It will sometimes follow the story line-
*Warning: Some violent content and strong language*

francesca_senpai francesca_senpai Sep 04, 2016
Im just gonna act like she dosnt have claws on her feet *throws up a liitle* 😬
AlwaysAndForever2004 AlwaysAndForever2004 Oct 05, 2016
this is like my 2 time reading this book, i can't get enough;)
Ella_Risbe Ella_Risbe Mar 24, 2016
Even tho her last name is London here, I still read Petrova.
Kitty916 Kitty916 Jun 17, 2016
Why u quoteing twilight , im just waiting for a guy with long blond hair, a  man with black hair and a red head to punce on her like for real where is james, victoria, and the other guys at
Victoria_Cross1992 Victoria_Cross1992 Dec 04, 2016
Wish 😱 
                              Awesome!!! I think I just found my fave ten Wolf fanfic
i_love_a_lot i_love_a_lot Jan 10, 2016
Something big
                              I feel it happening
                              Out of my control
                              Pushing pulling and it's grabbing me
                              Feel it in my bones like
                              Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
                              Something big