A New Goddess

A New Goddess

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Hera, the wife of Zeus and Queen of all the other Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus, had always wanted the daughter of her dreams: skin the color of sand, hair of gold, eyes of emerald and lips of ruby. She loved all her other children dearly but this was a child she'd longed for. 

One day, Hera came across a seed with all the properties of her dream daughter. When Hera planted the seed, into the world came Amerosa, Goddess of Gems. 

To find out what's in store for Amerosa and the challenges she may face, read on!

{Written in 2011} 

{Published September 2014}

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_NuuYorc_ _NuuYorc_ Jan 13
Can I use this strategy/prompt  to create my first novel I won't copy I just have a million ideas running through my mind and this assignment helped alot
ItzFunnehz ItzFunnehz Sep 27, 2017
I LOVE GREEK MYTHOLOGY AND ROMAN....not really a fan of Egypt but I like it just like I love all the other ones too
KissyCherry KissyCherry Jun 20, 2017
Yeah i like Greek mythology.. Not only the Greek mythology but other mythologies too.
Imm4Yah Imm4Yah Oct 23, 2017
Yessss greek mythology in english!! Same with our subject last quarter
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Jun 04, 2016
This book is really good so far keep up the good work 😀 😀
Scooby_dubydoo234 Scooby_dubydoo234 Jul 23, 2016
I love Greek mythology too!! My father would tell me stories about heroes, gods and goddesses and all the creatures and monsters!? I will love to read your A+ awarded story glamor_7. Anytime you want to point out any myths Private Message me, okay. Pinkie promise me please?