The Golden Queen

The Golden Queen

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Olivia Fallyn By OliviaFallyn Updated Sep 26, 2016

After an enchanted artifact lures Kara Walker three thousand years back in time, she finds herself in the perilous world of ancient Egypt, an era when everyone fears-and revers-the might of King Ahmose II, divine law of the land. No one is exempt from Pharaoh's decree and when she is mistakenly accused of looting sacred royal tombs, she has a choice: flee for her life or face Pharaoh's wrath. Her otherworldly appearance makes it impossible to find safe harbor in the dangerous city of Thebes, and Ahmose soon becomes her only salvation. When his life is threatened by an assassin, the eccentric bond between them could change Kara's mind about returning home.

Fantasy - Highest ranking #80

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Ugh o hate people
                              Who name their children *Bob* such auducity!😭😂
EDrake EDrake Jul 24, 2016
Have read this story too many times, here goes round (I think I lost count)
KM_Warcop KM_Warcop Sep 09, 2016
You know...I was sitting there for a few seconds, looking at the cover, reading the summary, and just thinking..."Why does this sound so familiar?" Started reading it and I'm like, "Dang, I forgot all about this :3" 
                              I thought I voted, but apparently not...oops.
KAWerts KAWerts Mar 23, 2016
Where's the rest of this story? It suddenly jumps to chap 20 in the next segment. I would really like to read the whole story.
InfinityLove77 InfinityLove77 Nov 16, 2016
I hope that she is not someone who is weak and always need rescue. Maybe she can like when she travel to the past she'll have an advantage over them because she is from the future,
saccharining saccharining Mar 08, 2015
                              "I'm an old Giza (geezer)"
                              ~Peabody and Sherman (the movie)