How Terra Stole the Sun 🌞

How Terra Stole the Sun 🌞

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Cliff Jones Jr. By CliffJonesJr Completed

"In the Old Days of Long Ago, the twin sisters Terra and Luna were nearly identical in every way. The main difference between them was that dragons lived on Terra while Luna was home to woolly beasts such as tigers, bears, and men."

This is a very short myth explaining what killed the dinosaurs, why the oceans are salty, and why wolves howl at the moon. Go on, give it a read!

Length: 500 words, 2 pages

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kv_wilson kv_wilson Apr 03, 2017
This is great! I really enjoyed your storytelling. It's an endearing tale.
Alecc0 Alecc0 Feb 12, 2017
Loved it! A great imagining of these heavenly bodies, and nice visuals it brings up.
PhillipVivar PhillipVivar Feb 12, 2017
Cliff, short, but I liked it, also liked that you used the name Luna & Terra.
tvjones tvjones Jul 08
I've been thinking about this story recently. It's short and sweet.