CARPE DIEM(Seize the Day)

CARPE DIEM(Seize the Day)

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Night_Boy By Night_Boy Updated Feb 14, 2012

It's hard to learn,

that a company

isn't a sign of trust.

That a kiss, won't last forever

but the words you said when you were angry

will last in her mind forever.

It's hard to learn

that regrets are insame,

that you liked it when she was there,

now don't regret what uou liked.

It's hard to learn

that no matter who is with you now

you'll always miss, the friends you lost

the chances you missed

It's hard to learn

that the time to live is now.

Not the future, put your chances in here

'cause you'll never know what will come near.

Its hard to learn,

that good friends are a few,

if you let them blow,

you'll be surrounded by none.

It's hard to learn

to create ourselfs,

copying no one,

'caiue we are alone.

Its hard to learn

that a fight always leaves


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