reign of heirs ― harry styles

reign of heirs ― harry styles

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♱ ملاك ― By -SOFTDOLL Updated Aug 12, 2018

❝ I can't reign as a powerful King without the strength of my one true Queen on the throne beside me,  

And if I can't have her, then I'll be damned If I rule this wrenched kingdom alone. Otherwise, it will fall to ruins. ❞ 

                                set in 1557

[WARNING: this story contains heavy explicit content such as sexual scenes, graphic violence, profanity, and mature themes. Read at your own risk]

a harry styles story
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❝ There are only a few stories I actually keep up with on here and this one completely sucked me in and has already become one of my favorites! ❞
          ― @highonlou

❝ I love historical fiction and Harry styles so they make the best pair, I can tell you put heaps of effort into this book as well ❞
          ― @neeshyb1

        ― @SOFTPRADA

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