BLOODLINE: The Beginning

BLOODLINE: The Beginning

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"Tell me one thing before I die, Young Blood. Just one," the Rowler ask curiously.
"What is it?" He growls through his razor-sharp teeth.
The Rowler starts to cough profusely. The color of its skin pales with every struggling breath. The Rowler asks, "Why do you care so much about her? She is a simple human after all."
Without letting go, he turns and faces me for the very first time. As we look at each other, he gazes at me with his blazing blue eyes. His breath hitches in shock as he utters one single word,

       Curiosity killed the cat. Isn't that what humans always say? Amelia learns the truth the hard way and slaughters her entire village.
Amelia is forced to hide in a cave deep in the dark forest from the most vicious rogues and demonic creatures. She is starving, alone,  and has only but her diary and a few berries to survive. As her sources and sanity run low, she is forced out of her haven only to discover an inviting lake nearby. Her desperate attempt for a bath and a quick taste of heaven come with a price, the infamous Alpha Marcus Calister and a thirsty Rowler that both crave her enchanted soul.
Will Amelia survive or was her fate already decided the moment she was born?

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