BLOODLINE: The Beginning

BLOODLINE: The Beginning

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April Fitts By AprilFitts Updated Dec 18, 2018

#12 Female alpha 9/23/18
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The Rowler starts to cough profusely as the color of its skin pales with every struggled breath. The Rowler ask, "Why do you care so much about her? She is a simple human after all." 

Without letting go, he turns and faces me for the very first time. As we look at each other, my tearful emerald eyes lock into his blazing blue eyes. His breath hitches in shock as he utters one single word,


       Hidden in a cave; deep in the dark forest from the most vicious rogues, you will find a woman starving and alone, Amelia Dawn. Amelia has only but her diary and a few berries to survive. As her sources and sanity run low, she is forced out of her haven only to discover an inviting lake nearby. Her desperate attempt for a bath and a quick taste of heaven come with a price, Alpha Marcus Calister and the thirsty Rowlers that both crave her enchanted soul.
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ccreationz ccreationz Feb 17, 2018
You're very welcomed. We're very grateful to have you. Keep writing no matter what. You're MEGA Awesum!!!
wizvisionary wizvisionary May 06, 2018
Wow. All I can say is you already have lots of awards. Those are really to be proud of! And you say that you're not as gifted as other authors? That's not true. I know that you have great potential as well. 😊😊😊
AprilFitts AprilFitts Apr 27, 2018
@fearsome_hamster I am soooo excited about my cover! Thank you!!
AprilFitts AprilFitts Sep 08, 2018
@RWIZARD haha! She seems to be the only one that can put the mighty alpha in his place! Lolol
ploiuiu ploiuiu Jul 29, 2018
WOW! AMAZING! APRIL!! But should it be at the beginning of the story? @AprilFitts
                              Like before the prologue not between prologue and chapter 1?