My Lover, My Step Brother (Roc Royal love story)

My Lover, My Step Brother (Roc Royal love story)

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Hey yall, my name is Kiara but people call me Cece or Keke. I am bout to be 19. My mom and dad are divorced but I live with my mom My mom is annoying sometimes. She keeps telling me to go to collage. Shit ill go to collage but not right now. My mom keeps telling me she wants to remarry and have another kid.......OH HELL NAW. You can remarry but you aint gone have another kid and im gonna have to watch it while she at work. HELL NAW..... I aint changin no stank ass diapers. But I think I said enough so peace.


Hey guys, My name is Courtney . I am Cece's mom. Im 49 years old. I am divorced and I want to remarry. I want my daughter to go to collage but when I say something about collage she gets mad so im not goin to talk about collage no more. I do want another kid but then again I dont. I do have a boy friend his name is Jonathan August. He also has a handsome son named Chresanto August but people call him roc. But I said enough so bye.


whats up, my ...

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tyleiawelch55555 tyleiawelch55555 Jun 06, 2017
How u going to have sex with a 19 year old and u 49 and about to be 50...set yo old ass down some were,because u ain't young nomore
Tay_Leee Tay_Leee Sep 04, 2016
Wtf is collage your saying (coll-age) 
                              But it's pronounce and spelled (coll-ege) 
                              And nobody in the comments corrected her 
Tay_Leee Tay_Leee Sep 04, 2016
Here we go again 
                              I'm going to say this for the last time 
                              COLLEGE 😂😘
Laylay1803 Laylay1803 Feb 11, 2017
Hell Naw sit yo old ass down😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tay_Leee Tay_Leee Sep 04, 2016
It's spelt college***** 😑
                              I already know this book is going to be ghetto 
Ybn-Nahmir Ybn-Nahmir Jan 01, 2017
Did negro got me freaked up need some holy water *in Liza koshys or Nash Grier's voice* ya little nasty