The City (Joe Sugg/ ThatcherJoe Fanfiction)

The City (Joe Sugg/ ThatcherJoe Fanfiction)

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Angel By JoeSuggsWifey Completed

She may be popular, have rich parents and get what she wants but there is more to Riley Templeton than meets the eye.

Join Riley as she moves halfway across the world in an attempt to escape her past. But will it just come back to haunt her?

Joe Sugg comes along and gives her something she never had before. A sense of hope.

With appearances from 5SOS and AU 1D, The City has a little something for every type of fangirl. Enjoy!

santasuggs santasuggs Nov 12
This is me and my cousins-they live in Australia, I love in England rip
jay_jay_7 jay_jay_7 Aug 23
I'm not hating on the author or anything. I just don't know why people love UK so much. I live in Luton ( in UK) on a street full of stray cats, holes in the road, smelly bins and ugly houses. 😂😂😂💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼
I was searching for a good story and found this, was looking for a quick story bout nope, 90 chapters greeeeattt imma grab some popcorn even though it's legit 3am
santasuggs santasuggs Nov 12
I live in London (not central, but the suburban area) I do like going into central London but it's quite busy for me and legit everyone smokes and I hate the smell of cigarettes lmao
From someone who lives in England I can tell you it's not that great
But say zoe and alfie got married then her and joe would technically be related